Training bankers to look beyond the obvious

This two-day course is the core of the Questa consumer bank training curriculum. The Treasure of Hidden Needs layers important financial concepts and skills onto the sales process using case studies, role playing and worksheets. The goal of this course is to give bankers the most important financial sales tools they need to maximize customer relationships and profitability.

The program is designed for retail bankers who are responsible for developing business from new and existing clients. The Treasure of Hidden Needs teaches bankers how to identify sales opportunites and make recommendations to customers in four key areas of personal money management: credit, savings/investment, education and retirement. Financial calculations for inflation and taxes are also taught to your bankers. Topics covered include:


  • Five critical money management questions to ask every client
  • Three ways to reduce the cost of credit: refinance for rate relief, refinance for tax deductibility, and accelerate load payments
  • Investing payment differences and linking credit and investment opportunities
  • Presenting recommendations with impact


  • Five steps to financial security
  • Three ways to motivate procrastinating clients
  • Putting a price tag on procrastination
  • Quantifying the impact of taxes and inflation on returns
  • Staying on track with investment goals


  • Determining the future cost of education
  • The two-step education savings planner
  • Sticker shock and the closing window of opportunity
  • Calculating one-time investments or monthly contributions to meet goals


  • Creating the IRA dream to motivate clients
  • Calculating contributions to meet retirement goals
  • The impact of inflation on retirement income
  • Calculating the cost of delay

Coaching the Skills

Ten Minute Treasures consists of fifteen weekly Treasure focuses in handout form which presents financial problems for sales staff to complete. Coaches receive the answers, along with suggested activities for sales meetings and one-on-one coaching opportunities. Also included is a series of tests that can be used to gauge skill retention and identify additional coaching needs. Only coaches participate in the Ten Minute Treasures module.


"This was fantastic and I feel so improved. I truly hope to incorporate this daily."

VP Private Banking
Regional Financial Institution