Financial "know how" for any banker working with customers

Retail banking is constantly changing. Today's customer centric, sales and service cultures require more than just bankers with sales aptitude. Training often lacks the financial knowledge that most clients assume bankers have -- basic banking and money management skills.

Banks that are taking full advantage of the synergy within their branches want to nurture a vibrant sales and service culture that includes making effective referrals. New account and customer service staff often lack the financial skills and confidence to recognize customer needs and make referrals. And many relationship managers avoid conversations with customers about financial topics that they themselves do not completely understand. In fact, many front-line bankers fail to maximize relationships out of fear of appearing uninformed.

If this sounds familiar, Questa can help. Our training provides branch employees with the financial know-how, skills and tools needed to help guide clients to achieve their financial goals.

Our training gives sales and customer service staffs the understanding and assurance to answer questions, refer appropriately and solve problems. The result is an enhanced customer relationship, greater customer retention and, ultimately, increased market share and profitability.


"One of the most useful classes presented…much better than online study."

Branch Manager
Regional Financial Institution