Unlocking the Mystery of GREAT Referrals

This half-day class inspires tellers and customer service personnel to provide clients with exceptional service by recognizing a client’s financial needs and, if they are unable to help, refer them to someone who can.

Banks realize that service personnel play a large role, not just in maintaining client satisfaction, but also in the development of long-term profitable relationships. One of the most common needs of banks is the ability to tap into the opportunities presented every day in normal customer service interactions.

But how do we transform their daily contacts into exceptional service? How do they learn to act on opportunities and overcome their fears of making an effective referral?

Customer service teams learn which transactions, or customer life events trigger a conversation about possible products and services the client might need. They demonstrate understanding by practicing each skill throughout the course and, in doing so, learn how to successfully refer the client to branch sales staff.

Secrets of Successful Service develops skills that are required to achieve exceptional service by unlocking the mystery of how to achieve GREAT referrals. The class is motivational and fun. Filled with tools and role-plays, it gives front-line service staff the skills they need -- and the confidence they need -- to make successful referrals.

Coaching The Skills

Pathway to Successful Coaching. This two-hour module presented immediately following Secrets of Successful Service, prepares customer service managers and supervisors to coach their staff in making GREAT referrals.

Led by bank trainers, this course is packed with role-plays, tools and action plans. Highly recommended, this training prepares teller and customer service supervisors and managers to plan their coaching sessions. It shows them how to successfully implement coaching, how to motivate and inspire their teams, and how to evaluate their staff’s performance.


"The knowledge 'the instructor' has was invaluable, he really knows the subject and could answer every question that people had."

Branch Manager
Top 20 Bank