Comprehensive credit and consultative selling solutions for bankers working with small businesses

Many in the banking industry consider small-business banking to be the most profitable segment and one that offers significant growth potential. However, small business is challenging and complex.

Questa knows that small-business owners want more than checking accounts and loans from the bankers; they want bankers who understand their business and can make recommendations to help them be more efficient with their time and money.

Questa will provide your bankers with time-tested skills that provide them with the ability to capture, and keep, a business owner’s loyalty and trust. Questa’s trio of training courses provides a solid knowledge foundation for any banker who works with small business.

In CREDIT ESSENTIALS, we begin by providing the fundamental accounting principles bankers need in order to understand their client’s financial statements and tax returns. This one-day class offers in-depth training on credit requests, sources of repayment and recourse.

The two-day IDENTIFYING CREDIT RISK is ideal for bankers who interview small businesses for credit. Using role plays and real-world case studies, bankers will learn to identify credit risks that would not be determined from just the credit and financial information presented by a potential borrower. They will also learn how to prioritize and communicate those risks to an underwriter.

In UNCOVERING CASH, bankers realize how your bank’s products can improve a company’s cash position and bottom line. This one-day class provides business bankers with the training they need to develop a real competitive advantage in today’s market. It gives bankers the knowledge and confidence to solve problems, improve their client’s financial well-being, and expand customer relationships.

The Questa business training trilogy is business banking savvy, simplified. This powerful three-part education program will give your bankers the skills to communicate and sell effectively to the business market.


"This course is the most applicable to my role at XXX and is the best training, regarding credit, that I have taken at any bank."

Business Banker
Regional Financial Institution