Helping business bankers understand and deepen relationships with business clients

Bankers who know – know that ‘cash is king’ for small businesses. And bankers who know how to free up cash for business operations develop stronger and deeper relationships with small business owners. Uncovering Cash takes front-line bankers to the next level. It looks beyond fundamental credit skills, to the impact a bank’s cash management and on-line products can make on a business owner’s bottom line, freeing up cash to maximize cash flow.

The facts:

Small business owners are clamoring for products and services that can save them time and money.This translates into major revenue opportunities for banks. Your bank already has the right products; your bankers just need to know how to tap into them.

Basic course concepts:

Businesses that take advantage of cash management services like sweeps, online payroll, zero balance accounts and cash concentrations make the most efficient use of available cash. Businesses that have ample surplus cash are positioned to grow.

Simple steps – collecting receivables faster, delaying payables, or taking advantage of trade discounts make a big impact on cash flow. Banks that train their bankers to show clients and prospects how to uncover cash in their critical day-to-day operations deepen client relationships.

After attending Uncovering Cash, bankers will be able to:

  • Identify cash flow cycles for various businesses and uncover clients’ “hidden” cash management needs.
  • Recommend strategies that can be used to shorten the cash flow cycle.
  • Find the “hidden cash” in vendor trade discounts and operating cycles.
  • Match financing solutions with cash flow.
  • Clearly communicate the cost recovery benefits of financing alternatives.
  • Demystify confusing credit offers made to clients by competing banks.
  • Recommend solutions that encompass both credit and cash management products.

Uncovering Cash is the clear, concise training your bankers need to show clients and prospects, in dollars and cents, why banking with you is better than banking somewhere else. You’ve given your bankers the tools in your cash management tool box – now give your bankers the competitive edge in today’s market with Uncovering Cash.


"Excellent course, some of it was really thinking differently about….the questions I ask. Excellent for all business bankers."

Business Banking Manager
Regional Financial Institution